About Us - Reckless Duo Canterbury
Our Story - So Far!

Bernard played the guitar on and off at school . He Joined a band at 20 unfortunately they had lots of practice but no gigs. Sometime after that he joined a second band and played his first ever live gig at Lyttleton for some bikers and prostitutes… An interesting debut to say the least!! He soon progressed to another 5-Piece band playing working men's clubs (Phil was the Drummer) .

After a few years Bernard decided it was time for him to take control and put together his own band he progressed into to a duo band with some female vocalists, which he did on and off for 15 years.

Phil came back from Nelson and they soon joined up to form reckless duo, their original Idea was to do restaurants with acoustic guitars but as opportunities arose we were drawn into the pub/club scene and ended up the resident band at the yellow cross Night club. Because of their background Reckless Duo play a wide variety of music and are always adding to their song list.